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10 Tips before you go skiing

  1. Exercise in advance. You will have much more fun on the slopes if you're in good shape. Work your way up to skiing by exercising year-round on a regular basis.
  2. Use proper ski equipment. Rent from a ski shop or the ski resort. When buying equipment, make sure your ski boots are fitted properly. In both cases, make sure your bindings are properly adjusted.
  3. Wear a helmet. Wearing protective headgear while skiing makes good sense. The most important tip for all parents and guardians ­is to give a child no choice but to wear a helmet.
  4. Prepare for the weather. Wear layers of clothes, and wear a helmet liner, a hat, or a headband. Wear gloves or mittens. Bring an extra pair in case the first pair gets wet.
  5. Wear goggles. Wear ski goggles that fit properly around your helmet. If you wear eyeglasses, buy goggles that fit comfortably over your glasses or consider prescription goggles.
  6. Take a break. If you're tired, take a break and rest for a while in the lodge. While you're resting, make sure you eat and drink enough. Skiing burns a lot of energy! When it's the end of the day, there's no need to try and get in the last run, or two, if you are tired. It's better to quit while you're ahead and save your energy for next time.
  7. Ski with a friend. It's always safer to ski with a friend so he or she can watch out for you and vice versa. Pre-arrange a meeting place in case you get separated, and use walkie-talkies to stay in touch.
  8. Respect your limits. Do not ski trails that are above your skill level. Trails will be clearly marked (Green Circle, Blue Square, Black Diamond) as to what level skier they are appropriate for. On a similar note, stay in control of your skis, and focus on the trail you are skiing. Accidents happen more readily when we are distracted.
  9. Follow the rules. Do not go off-trail. Obey posted trail closure and other warning signs. They are there for a reason. Remember that skiers who are in front of you, and below you, on the trail have the right-of-way.
  10. Last but not least, BE AWARE OF THE RULES ON THE SLOPES:
  • Always stay in control.
  • People ahead of you have the right of way.
  • Stop in a safe place for you and others. Make sure you can see people coming down. This way they can spot you too!
  • Whenever starting downhill or merging, look uphill and yield.
  • Use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
  • Observe signs and warnings, and keep off closed trails.
  • Know how to use the lifts safely.



We can use 3 ski resorts in the area, Liddes-Vicheres, Champex-lac and La Fouly. Aside from those, there is a beginners' piste 5 min walk from our hostel Petit Vélan or 5 min by car from Relais de Dranse.

Ski Hiking

Whether you are an expert cross-country skier seeking a thrill or simply a walk over the snow through the peaceful forest, we've got the right trail for you all within a short distance.

Ice Skating

Looking for something else? Valais is great for the many different activities including Ice-skating and Toboggan.
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